Bare Minerals: Beyond Gorgeous!

Got this kit as a Valentine’s treat to myself, and frankly, I’m in love!

I don’t know what it’s like to find out that you’ve got a winning lottery ticket, but I imagine it feels a little like opening this Bare Minerals kit.

Not only does it contain everything I need to get nice and glam, but I managed to buy it at the Pharmaprix (that’s Shopper’s Drug Mart for those of you who live in English Canada) during their Valentine’s Day promotion.  In other words, by spending $68 plus tax, I got $30  worth of Optimum Points. Yeah!

This kit contains 9 items.

They are:

  1. Original Mineral Veil
  2. Blush in “Pink Ribbon”
  3. Eyeshadow in “Satin Ruffle” (shimmery beige)
  4. Eyeshadow in “Frills” (shimmery charcoal)
  5. Gorgeous pink blush brush
  6. Gorgeous pink eyeshadow blender brush
  7. Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara
  8. Big & Bright Eyeliner in CharBronze

Oh, and did I mention the gorgeous pink ribboned box it all came in? The one that’s going to hold my ever-growing Bare Minerals stash? Be still my heart!

On to the review, shall we?

It’s true that this is possibly not a “starter” kit for someone who’s completely new to Bare Minerals. After all, there’s no foundation or concealer in it.

Personally, this wouldn’t bother me or stop me from recommending that even newbies snap it up: you can always buy foundation separately. Or use these items with stuff you already own. Or be like me and skip the foundation all together!

Also, using Sephora’s pricing as a guide, I’m guessing this kit costs a mere $50 in the US. You lucky Americans!

Even at $68 though, you’re getting awesome value for your money. You have products that will last a long time, even with daily use. I find my Bare Minerals blushes and shadows last FOREVER! And the formulation and packaging mean that you can use them till the last particle (assuming you clean your brushes and are careful not to double dip in the container of course). Although I’d toss my mascara after 4 months no matter what.

So here’s what I love about this kit:

1. The colours: This is one area where Bare Minerals wins over most other brands. Their kits usually work on a variety of skin tones. As someone whose skin is a tricky shade of brown, I often struggle with kits that appear to be formulated exclusively for pale women. Not so with Bare Minerals. And this kit is possibly their best yet!

Random aside: How much do I love them for offering a starter kit (not pictured here) in 5 variations, so you can really get foundation that matches your tone? Muah!

2. The gloss is exquisite. The pink is very innocent and playful–great for every day office wear as well as a night on the town. It’s nice and translucent and has that delicious frappucino smell that all Bare Minerals glosses seem to have. Yum! It’s not too sticky, which I like, and the little ribbon attached to its top makes it easy to fish out of my purse.

3. The blush is delicious: Another winning pink. It’s funny, because if I put it side-by-side with the Jane Iredale blush I usually wear, the difference in tone is striking! This pink is pale, almost candy. But it’s still got a gorgeous depth to it that will work on most warm tones. I find it makes me look like someone just told me a rude joke and I’m titillated. I can see this being a wonderful bridal colour. It’s also got just a hint of shimmer to it. Not anything distracting, but it does lend a certain glow to your cheeks. WIN!

4. The brushes rock: I must admit that I never thought much about brushes until I started using mineral makeup. Especially the loose mineral powders. A bad brush can really ruin the experience. Bare Minerals makes very high quality brushes (although they do use animal hair, and I’m a little conflicted about that) and the ones in this kit are no exception. Plus (pitter-pat), these brushes are pink! As in fuchsia. As in only my favourite colour in the whole world. 10/10 for packaging!

The blush brush makes applying the “Pink Ribbon” a dream. Just remember to use the recommended swirl-tap-swirl method. And only pick up a teeny amount from the lid, not the actual jar.

5. Good mascara: I must admit that I can’t decide about this one. I really lurve my Dr. Hauschka Volumizing mascara, but am digging this one too. Love the big brush. I find it gives me lots of volume, quite a bit of length and it isn’t irritating even at the end of the day. Time will tell. But at first glance, I’m really enjoying the va-va-voom.

6. Nice, soft eye pencil: I have sensitive eyes and am so spoiled by my Indian kohl that I almost never buy eye pencils. I might have to make an exception for this one. It’s very, very soft and glides easily. I haven’t yet tried smudging it, but when I do, you’ll hear from me!

7. Fun eye shadow colours: I like that they’re fairly neutral. You can go for a glam smoky eye if you want to or just keep it light (with just a hint of sparkle) by using just the pale shade all over your lid. I borrowed this image from Lady of the Lane’s blog. Please go over and say hi. She has lots of nice things to say about this kit too!

Overall rating: 10/10

Here’s a kit that’s great value for money. It’s from a reputable company that meets my high standards for natural but high-performance makeup. In other words it’s GREEN! It comes in packaging that you can reuse and frankly, I can’t think of anything negative to say.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me! Hope you can get your hands on this one, ladies. It’s worth it!

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