Review of Nature’s Harmony Treemenda shampoo


Most of the natural shampoos I’ve tried leave my hair dry and lifeless. But not Treemenda. I think this shampoo might be God’s gift to green!

It’s been something like four years since I’ve used a drug store shampoo on my long, straight hair. And let me assure you, about three of those years were miserable! It’s hard finding a natural shampoo (i.e. one free of silicones, sulphates, parabens and overpowering fragrance) that performs in a way that justifies the $10-15 price tag.

But I now have two brands that totally make the cut (and then some!). My favourite? 

Nature’s Harmony Treemenda shampoo

Nature’s Harmony is a small Canadian brand (yay, extra points for buying local!). I bought mine at the local health food store (Alfalfa in the Marché Jean Talon) for the princely sum of $8.50 plus tax. The accompanying conditioner cost the same, but I already had a conditioner I liked at home (we’ll get to that in a minute), so I chose to buy just the shampoo.

The review:

First of all, it’s the one shampoo that doesn’t smell super girly. It’s got this sort of deep, clean lavender-mixed-with-tea-tree oil smell. It smells fresh. Like a mix between women’s perfume and aftershave. Very invigorating.

The texture is extremely thick. Almost like a gel. You need very little to work up a good lather and your bottle will go a lot further if you take my friend Shelley’s advice and shampoo just your roots. Even hair as long as mine gets washed squeaky clean by focusing on the roots and letting the suds wash over the rest of the shaft while rinsing.

Performance: My hair tends towards greasy roots and dry ends. In fact, I find that I usually have to wash every alternate day or I look like an oil slick (yuck!). Plus my scalp tends to get super itchy. The Treemenda remedies these issues like a dream! First of all, it seems to really do as it promises and strip my hair of any residue. I find that I have at least double the volume I get with any other shampoo.

As for the itching, my scalp has never been happier. I’ll still get a little oily at the end of the second day, but if I avoid touching my hair too much, I can usually avoid washing my hair till the end of the third day. This has been a huge boon with my recent vow to go to the gym more often!

Note: For all you hard-core greenies out there, I can imagine what you’re thinking: candida! Yes, I suspect my penchant for simple carbs may be contributing to my itchy scalp and I’m trying to remedy that situation as well. But in the mean time, the Treemenda really helps a lot with the symptoms.

Silkiness: I don’t mean to gush, but it literally has been years since my hair looked this good! This bottle is like a time machine! After just two washes, my hair has somehow returned to the state of silkiness and un-knottedness that I remember from when I was 15 and had never heard of a blow dryer!

Conditioner: Treemenda makes a conditioner in this same line, but I have yet to try it. Instead, I’ve been using my Samy “Mandarin Citrus” volumizing conditioner. I love this conditioner (don’t feel as strongly about the shampoo by this brand) and only condition the midlengths and tips of my hair. Works like a charm. Have great volume!

Tip: Those of you who struggle with dry, damaged hair (instead of a greasy scalp like me) may want to check out Samy’s horsetail and wheat shampoo. It’s very, VERY moisturizing and at $10 for a 354ml bottle, it’s good value for money. Plus I’ve noticed they often have specials. I found mine at the Jean Coutu, but I’m told you can buy this brand at various big box stores.

While we’re on the subject of Samy’s, just wanted to mention that it’s 98.3% natural and free of various chemical and ethical nasties:

• sulfate-free
• paraben-free
• phthalate-free
• no artificial colors
• natural extracts
• certified organic ingredients

Just like the Treemenda.

Bottom line: For those of us who have greasy, itchy scalps, this shampoo is a godsend. It stands out in a world of ultra-moisturizing, overly heavy washing serums. It leaves hair feeling soft, detangled, shiny and full of volume. It’s my hands-down favourite!


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One Response to Review of Nature’s Harmony Treemenda shampoo

  1. Devyn says:

    I recently started to use the Treemenda shampoo as well (haven’t gotten to the conditioner yet though) and it’s as amazing as you describe. Works fantastic, only need a little bit, smells wonderful, and my hair is getting softer and shinier every day. LOVE IT.

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