Romantic natural massage oil recipe

Love massages but don’t fancy spending tons of cash on high-end natural massage oils?  Happy Valentine’s Day!

My husband and I absolutely LOVE giving each other massages. And while we’ll sometimes treat ourselves to one of those delicious-smelling Lush massage bars, we usually make our own oil blend.

When we first started experimenting with DIY massage lotions, we just used coconut oil or olive oil or whatever we had in the kitchen (plus a few drops of lavender or sweet orange essential oils). And this is fine. But I noticed that professional massage oils had a different texture to them. They had less “slip” and more “drag”. This means that the oil allows your hand to slide over your partner’s skin with just the right amount of friction. Too much slip and you can’t go in for deep tissue massage. Too much drag and the friction becomes uncomfortable.

After much experimentation, I think we’ve found the perfect blend. Continue reading

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Geeta’s top 5 green makeup picks

You know, I thought this would be an easy post, but it took me a long time to narrow my selection down to just 5 items. In fact, since we started this blog, I’ve really gotten into product testing and discovery and I’ve come to believe that it’s a fabulous time to be green!

Since we’re just getting to know each other, here’s a little background. I admit that I wasn’t always eager to “play” with makeup. I’ve gone through phases in my life (especially when I worked in television) where I didn’t do much experimenting. I found a look I liked and then really perfected it.

My signature look involved dark brown or black liquid liner  swept across my lids in a cat’s eye look, kohl on my lower lid, mascara, foundation, blush, loose powder and lipstick (all usually Jane Iredale). At one point I could put on full TV makeup in a moving vehicle (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving) in under 10 minutes! Continue reading

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Amanda’s 5 green picks

I knew that going green wasn’t going to happen overnight. Before being able to make drastic changes in your lifestyle, you need to be better informed in order to make educated decisions. Given the age we live in, I assumed that all the information I needed about going green would be a click or two away.

To my surprise, it wasn’t.

This past weekend I spoke to three different cosmeticians in the hopes of becoming more informed. But it got a little confusing. Everyone has a different definition of what “being green” means. Some think it means organic, others believe products shouldn’t be tested on animals. Personally, when I think of going green, I think about the environment. I think about myself, plants, animals, and my future children. Not to be overdramatic, but it is scary to stop, and really take the time to think about what we take into our bodies, whether that be food, or makeup. Continue reading

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Amanda’s Top 5 beauty picks

#1 M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer SPF 15

When you start pulling all-nighters, studying for finals, believe me when I say that this first product becomes your BFF!

#2 M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation

Ladies, if it’s your TOM (Time of Month), you’re really stressed out and have breakouts, or you have some scars to cover, then miracles really do happen. If properly applied and if you have the right color, you can go from boring to beautiful with very little effort. Continue reading

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